Just this once, let me tell you about my moods. When the unforeseen situation of being contained is combined with the professional reconversion project of a lifetime, how to stay the course? Here's the story of my ups and downs, and the reasons why I'm moving forward.

My reconversion is a trump card offered by life

My professional reconversion is my passion, my dream, my second chance. It's the way out of the job market, a trump card offered by life. I was born with my creative temperament and I have always valued manual activities. However, due to reason and a combination of circumstances, in the first part of my career I opted for a classic job.

Then my authentic personality caught up with me. To feel whole, I needed to create. I wanted to live from my passion to live with passion. Confucius said, "Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a single day in your life. Oh, how much I adhere to this maxim.

From the idea to the big leap: the transition period

Conceiving my ideal project took me about two years of preparation, in addition to my full-time job. There were exciting moments, such as my training period in glass beads, the design of my haute-fantaisie jewellery models, the search for originality, refinement and poetry. There were also the necessary moments, working on tables of figures or legal forms. Then I plunged into the deep end: I left my company and started the production of the thousand and two hundred pearls of my Origin collection.

In short, everything was almost ready to launch the Origin collection this spring, when the health crisis hit. The project was as well prepared as it could be, and yet... an unexpected virus slipped through the net.

Containment: double or quits, or all bets are off?

I am lucky to have a home workshop, which allows me to continue to produce my glass beads. The craftsman who produces my custom-made metal parts has been temporarily laid off. The supplies I was expecting from Italy are still waiting in an Italian warehouse. Earring attachments are waiting for me in a parcel delivery outlet forced to close barely a kilometre from my home. The pretty boxes I had had made to pack your future beautiful jewellery are... somewhere. Taking photos of the collection is postponed until further notice. All the partners I contacted tell me that they are in good health, that's already something!

Then home schooling had to be organised, flour-free recipes invented, and prolonged containment accepted. The announcement of the extension to at least 11 May marked a turning point. Suddenly putting the launch of my first collection on hold, when competition was at its height, gave me the sensation of a big slack, a forced pause when the project was on the verge of completion! To make up for lost time, I had to improvise.

croquis confinement

The importance of being well surrounded

As much as I normally have a strong fighting spirit but, like anyone else, I have my weaknesses. In the preparatory phase of the project, I spent a lot of time anticipating all possible eventualities. Suddenly being caught up by events that were as unpredictable as they were uncontrollable had a strange effect on me.

At that moment, being well surrounded was salutary. My family as well as my friends and partners were there to cheer me up, to tell me that everything was just a postponement; I was so close. The contact of all these caring people allowed me to accept the inevitable. To understand that only the present and the people around us really matter. After all, does it matter that sometimes one does nothing?

maquettage de bijou

An unexpected event after all spiced with pleasures

More time, more certainty. But more time to think, to rest. To leave room for a few hobbies, like taming the sewing machine or making a beautiful Michèle Wilson puzzle. Teaching children to cook, finishing a magazine, playing with the cat, thinking about themes for introductory courses that I could suggest. And then I took the opportunity to create new and unique beads for the autumn-winter collection - yes, already! I also started spending more time on social networks. It's exciting to build a community! I got to know - virtually - some very nice and interesting people. There's nothing like a bit of humanity in these strange times.

In the end, lost time turned into creation time

In the end, it doesn't matter how disorganised things are now, how much time has been lost, how many burdens are piling up. These are only material chores. It is of no importance in the face of public health and the project of a lifetime.

So, this is what I tell myself about moving forward. I'm proud of my project and I'm proud to position myself as a French designer. I'm proud of how far I've already come to achieve my ideal project: to create a collection of dreamlike jewellery. Original jewellery made in France, meeting the ethical criteria of responsible fashion.

Time lost has turned into time gained. I created new pearls, met nice people on social networks, thought about the themes of my future training courses. A lesson to learn from this surprise containment? Carpe diem. But just what's needed.